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Boris FX has released an upgrade to the dialogue search tool Soundbite. The free Version 2.1 update brings added Final Cut Pro X support.

Soundbite has had a chequered career. The Nexidia powered plugin started off as 'Get' before disappearing completely after twelve months and then reappearing as Soundbite from Boris FX a few weeks later. So it is good to see it getting an upgrade, especially for FCPX.

Soundbite finds words and phrases in recorded media by performing a phonetic search. Tap your words into Soundbite and it will  automatically find each instance of that spoken phrase and present the user with a list of results.

Version 2.1 (which is a free upgrade to existing users) adds more support for FCPX and as we are not a user ourselves, we will have to resort to taking Boris FX's words verbatim.

"The new Boris Soundbite v2.1 includes the ability to import Final Cut Pro X projects. In FCP X, you can export any event via XML, and the XML can then be imported into Soundbite. Each event is treated as a FCP X project within Soundbite and all media from the FCP X event is indexed and searchable. In addition, all Soundbite functionality previously available for FCP 7 is now available for FCP X, including searching, previewing, grouping, and saving. Resources can be exported back to FCP X with markers using the “Export to FCP X XML” feature."

We must admit to being slightly confused by the line Each event is treated as a FCP X project within Soundbite. Do they mean a Soundbite project within Soundbite or an FCPX project within Soundbite? We suspect the former, but if there are any FCPX/Soundbite users out there then we would like to see the workflow clarified.

We also failed to find any video tutorials of the FCPX & Soundbite combo.

Soundbite V2.1 sells for $295 from the online Boris Store. Before anybody complains about the price, it has already been reduced down from the normal $495.



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