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Vordio is an application that converts FCPXML into a file that digital audio workstation Reaper can read. All put together, this is a very flexible but inexpensive way to post produce audio from FCPX.

Another great story that originated in our very popular Forum and we thank everybody for their involvement on the thread.

Reaper is a fully featured multitrack audio and midi recording, editing, processing, mixing and mastering application. It's more than capable of doing a great job in sweetening any soundtrack from a video production.

It's also priced at a really reasonable rate in comparison to the other commercial DAWs out there such as ProTools. The latest cross platform Windows/Mac version sells for $225 for a full licence and $60 for an individual licence for personal use. No fear there.

Vordio is a free application that gets FCPX media into Reaper for audio post. We are sure the developers would appreciate the suggested optional $10 donation to keep the project moving forward.


vordio-guiVordio opens up the FCPXML.










Vordio-convert-reaperA new directoy is then made with a Reaper project in the same location as the FCPXML file it converted.



Open up the project in Reaper and you are ready to start tweaking the audio. (Open both the FCPX and Reaper timelines in a new window to see more detail)


We have slightly cheated here with the screenshots, for a full workflow walk though, take a look at the guide on the Vordio website.

So for just $60 (OK $70 really with the donation) you can get your audio out of FCPX and into a copy of Reaper for audio post production. With no news about the possible launch of LogicX, this seems like a very capable but inexpensive way of improving sound for Final Cut Pro X users. 


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