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With possibly the coolest on screen controls of any Final Cut Pro X plugin out there, the new $49 ReAnimator plugin fixes small imperfections in video.

We have all had the best shot in any project ruined by dirt on the lens, sensor or even worse, the dreaded dead pixel. Sometimes you can blow the shot up and crop away the offending area. If not, you are left with the choice of using it with the problem, or not using it at all.

ReAnimator from Tokyo is a $49 plugin for Final Cut Pro X that fixes those annoying problems on video. Using the rather superbly designed GUI which zooms into the troublesome area, the imperfection can be covered up my moving and scaling a 'good section' of the clip over the top. 

All controls can be keyframed so if the section fill doesn't match up across the whole shot, it can be adjusted along the clip to suit. Once you are happy with the fix, just toggle off the GUI and the footage should have the dead pixel or whatever needed fixing, fixed.

This looks like a very well thought out utility tool that does one job well. At $49 it is a lot cheaper than a reshoot. The plugin uses the popular FxFactory plugin management tool from Noise Industries which offers a free watermarked trial.

Maybe us editors should now look for another excuse for why we didn't use a shot when the cameraman turns up at the edit!

A good demo video from Tokyo to see ReAnimator in action: 



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