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lightpath transitions fcpx

It has been a week of new plugin products and Friday is no different. Tangent FX has released a $19 pack of swooping colour trails that perform transitions in FCPX.

What is expanding more quickly, the universe or the FCPX ecosystem? Sometimes it seems like the latter since the big bang started by the ability to write effects for FCPX in Motion.

New from Tangent FX is a $19 collection of 20 effects called Lightpath Transitions that feature swooping streaks of light. The streaks animate over the footage which cuts underneath.

lightpath transitions fcpx GUISlightly unusual, there are no parameters to fiddle with in the inspector and all the streak directions and colours are baked in to the effect.

You won't be able to tie the look to match a corporate style, but for $19 these effects might just add a bit of a colour splash to an otherwise boring production.



If you produce anything that has footage from parties or nightclubs then these will work well. They could even be used for transitioning to slomo replays if you work in sports coverage..




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