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We love MacBreak Studio here on FCP.co, so much we are actually suggesting episodes! This week the boys look at how to retime Motion Generators in Final Cut Pro X

First of all we have to thank Steve and Mark for the plug of the website on the show. Secondly we thought you might like to know a bit more about how the question started and how the solution was found.

When we wrote the article on Digital Heaven's Counter X back at the end of February, we thought the method used to freeze the counter was a bit of a workaround and there must be an easier way.

Mark Spencer is a friend on messages and we pinged him the question 'Could generators be retimed in FCPX?' He tried it and said it didn't work. Then we suggested 'Would using a compound clip allow for retiming?' and after a bit of testing Mark got back to us to say that it did indeed work. Then we commented it would make a good MacBreak Studio episode and well, you know the rest!

Expect a whole host of blogs & other tutorial makers to pickup on this method, good news travels fast.

If you would like to get a copy of Mark's training course for Motion 5 then please follow the link to Ripple Training's Motion 5 The Complete Series.




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