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Technicolor FCPX NAB

Technicolor has released an update to their Color Assist plugin which brings FCPX compatibility. We got a great private demo from the guys and can report that this plugin has a lot of potential.

When Color Assist for FCP7 was released, we wondered how long it would be before the plugin got updated to run with FCPX. We didn't wait long as today Technicolor has announced that Color Assist is now compatible with (deep breath) not only Final Cut Pro X but Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5 & CS 6 on Mac OS, and Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5 & CS 6 on Windows.

'Color Assist draws on Technicolor’s deep heritage in color science to bring powerful studio color effects and color correction to users who want professional-quality results without a Hollywood-sized budget.'

From their past pedigree, it's fairly obvious to anybody in the business that they know about colour and the plugin is based on their award-winning DP Lights™ System. We particularly like the curves adjustment as this is one feature editors have been begging Apple to put into FCPX. The curves are also essential to get Log footage displaying correctly.

We got a one to one demo on the show floor this afternoon, which we would have brought to you on video if a connector in our DSLR hadn't of cracked and made the recording of audio useless. The plugin really warrants a good look as there are features that aren't immediately visible. A good example is that the viewer and all the thumbnail looks update in real time, another one is the cross platform recognition of grades on clips.

Let's just explain that a bit more. As the plugin loads the whole clip into the GUI, up to 9 grades can be stored in the plugin which then give you 9 choices back in FCPX. If you then use the clip in Adobe Premiere, once the plugin is applied, those 9 grades will instantly become available to use. Very clever. We hope to bring you a video demo later in the week!

(Right click for larger images)

CA-Screenshot FCPX FCPco-2


The plugin also brings back the three colour wheel which will be familiar to any FCP7 editor!

CA-Screenshot FCPX FCPco-1


Although the mention of 'Looks' will make many editors groan, the plugin comes supplied with 25 preset looks and additional looks can be purchased.

CA-Screenshot FCPX FCPco-3

Existing users can receive a free update that includes Final Cut Pro X support, and new users can download a free 7-day trial of Color Assist. Additional Color Assist Looks packages can be purchased for $19 USD and include 10 additional custom-created Looks per package.