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SliceX from Coremelt got a huge thumbs up from all our readers here on FCP.co. When they announced that planar tracking was going to be built in, we tracked down (sorry) Roger Bolton at NAB to give us a live FCPX demo. There's a money off offer too!

Roger has acted quickly on the success of SliceX. Everybody loved the bezier drawn masks and when there were requests for 'keyframable points' from readers on our Forum, the next version offered exactly that.

At NAB 2013, Roger was demoing the latest version of SliceX which features the planar tracker Mocha built in. It's a very well respected industry tool and works within the FCPX plugin with one click. The demo from Roger shows how this plugin will really save time, complex masking that would have taken hours can be performed in seconds.

As Roger describes, there is a two week special price on the new tracking plugin of $99 and after that the price will go up to $149. New customers will get the tracking version when it is finished in a couple of weeks. There will also be an upgrade price for existing customers who own the previous versions.

Thank you to Roger for his time at NAB 2013.



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