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Ripple timelines

Previewed at the recent SuperMeet at NAB, Ripple Training have released a $59 pack of timeline transitions plugins for Final Cut Pro X. There's also a special offer of $20 off the price until Sunday.

We had a sneak preview of Ripple Timelines at the Supermeet at last week's NAB and it looked impressive. The pack of eight different style transitions allow the viewer to navigate between selected dates. The plugin is billed as 'The worlds first Final Cut Pro X effect that moves your videos through time.'


The plugin will appeal to anybody who has to show a passage through time in a production. It could be the growing up progress of your child, a construction project or any event that can be pegged with dates. The plugins can be customised by colour, font and background to tie in with any corporate (or family!) identity. The camera moves can also be adjusted from subtle moves to a huge swoop.

Ripple timelines 2 fcpx


We're always keen to promote special offers and Ripple are offering $20 off Timelines until this Sunday the 21st of April. The plugin is distributed as part of the Noise Industries FxFactory plugin management system. Noise have also produced a demo video to show how Ripple Timelines works. 




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