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When we say that Crumplepop has upgraded their Grain35 Final Cut Pro X plugin, we really mean that they have started from scratch and built a new, better plugin. We've also got a $50 discount coupon on offer for the next few days.

Crumplepop have been busy, they have released Grain35 version 2.0 and it's completely new right from the camera lens onwards.

Grain35 V2 is a $199 pack of real 35mm & 16mm scanned film grains that have been bundled into FCPX plugins. Although the majority of users will be using the plugin, the raw assets are also available for use in other NLEs such as FCP7, Avid and Adobe Premiere Pro.

'CrumplePop Grain35 v2.0 was created using 4K Arrilaser DPX scans of 6 different 35mm and 5 different 16mm film stocks, and is the most powerful FCP X grain package in the world. You’ll be able to use the 1920×1080 version of Grain35 v2.0 with your DSLR footage, and the 4K version with your Red Scarlet/Epic footage.'


- All 12 film stocks have been re-photographed, and new Arrilaser DPX scans have been created of each.  Delivery is still in ProRes 4444.

- A completely new color pipeline was used, with Rec. 709 as the output color space (since Grain35 is most commonly used in internet and broadcast contexts).

- Green color cast on two stocks has been corrected.

- Static texture visible on several stocks has been corrected.

- Each film stock now has an accurate grain to pixel ratio.

- v2.0 just looks a lot better across the board!



Crumplepop are also offering a $50 off coupon code 'GRAIN-0050-V2-2113' which is good until the 5th of June 2013. If you are an exisiting Grain35 customer, then the update is free!



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