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Rainer Standke has built some great utility applications for FCPX and Final Cut Pro 7. He's just released Marker, a $19.99 application that can highlight clips in the finder by reading FCPXML and XML files.

Media management -not the sexiest of topics, but certainly one of the most important as the reuse of media is essential to making money with an NLE these days. So how do you keep track of what files have been used in an FCPX project or an FCP7 sequence?

Wouldn't it be a great idea if you could mark up the used and unused files with different colours right in the Finder? That's exactly what Marker, the new $19.99 application from XMil allows you to do.

Rainer's application takes either FCPXML from Final Cut Pro X or XML from FCP7 and gives the user the tools to perform certain tasks in the finder.

  • Show a list of all folders that contain media files from the XML in Marker's main window
  • Open folders containing used media files in the Finder
  • Select and de-select used and un-used files
  • Set the File Label on your media files in the Finder

The application and its workflow possibilities get more complex and intriguing the more you study the app. Rainer has produced three demo videos that show Marker in action.

Let's start off with an introduction, the video uses FCP7 with XML, but we would assume the same functionality with FCPXML from FCPX.


The next video shows features in more depth.


The next video shows features in more depth.


And finally Rainer shows us what the Marker script does. 


We can see this application being very useful for media management, especially when on shared storage. Could it be expanded to offer more management tasks that FCPX lacks? We will have to see, in the meantime please visit the XMil site for more information.