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multicam macbreak studio

The boys from MacBreak Studio are back and this time they are going to show us how easy it is to sync up clips and edit a basic music video. Perfect for all the YouTuber musicians out there.

Multicam editing is nothing new, there are many features that Steve Martin shows Mark Spencer that were built into Final Cut Pro 7. There is no doubt however that Apple has refined those tools. With the built in synchronisation of clips, FCPX has to have one of the best implementations of dealing with multicam clips out there.

As the guys describe, with the plethora of iPhones, iPads and not to mention DSLRs , multicam shoots and post are becoming more and more common. So some great tips in this week's episode to help everybody, no matter what you shoot on.

If you would like to know more about the techniques of multicam editing, then the $30 course that Mark refers to can be found on the Ripple Training website.




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