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freeeffectfriday july 5

It's a long holiday weekend for many, but that doesn't stop the free effects for Final Cut Pro X coming. This week on #freeeffectfriday we have a colourful range of new free plugins to download.

Prolific plugin and tutorial writer Fox Mahoney has just published a new effect. Called Splatter Screen 1 it makes the screen look like it is being hit by different colour paint 'splats'. An effect that will be all to familiar if you have children! Great for making up backgrounds to graphics and lots of parameters to tweak.

The download link can be found on our Forum.


Next up is a new title effect from Idustrial Revolution. Progress Slider is a free Final Cut Pro X Title that reproduces the graphic indication of a video playing on-screen. 

'By applying this title effect over a clip or a range of clips, the slider will automatically move from the left hand edge stop to the right stop over the effect length. Use this plugin to give viewers the impression of a video clip playing over time. Combine it in a frame to look like a clip playing on a popular video hosting site

Controls are published for the indicator and bar sizes, colour of the controls, selectable end caps and a fully adjustable drop shadow. The effect can automatically fade in and out at an adjustable rate.'


We had the pleasure of meeting up with Alex Gollner at last week's Supermeet in London. We had a chat about #freeeffectfriday and we are delighted that he has released a new free plugin today.

CMYK Halftone a4d continues his plan of making the plugins that are in Motion but not in FCPX available. 

'The CMYK Halftone a4d effect makes video clips, stills and generators look like they were printed in a magazine or newspaper. In order to simulate a wide range of colours, printing usually uses a combination of four grids of colour – cyan, magenta, yellow and black. This is known as CMYK printing (K denotes black to avoid confusion with the blue of the red, green and blue combinations that are used in screen displays).'

No demo video from Alex, but this still gives an idea of what the plugin does to video.

alex4d CMYK halftone


Connor Productions has published a free title effect to celebrate the fourth of July. By the title of Fourth of July Giveaway, we were expecting a stars and stripes extravaganza. It's a rather simpler one page title effect that might come in handy as an intro page to a video. You'll need to part with your email address to get the effect.


Finally, a few more free FCPX plugins. Actually when we say a few, we mean a lot. NocoDave has been publishing so many free effects, there are too many to list here. Checkout the entries in the Simulated Effects section of our Forum or click on the latest free effects postings that are displayed here on the RHS of the page.


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