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19th July free effect friday

We didn't expect to get emails saying what happened to last week's Free Effect Friday, so let's put that right and get up to date. Five free effects to catch up with.

Well it seemed that #freeeffectfriday proved to be pretty popular! Although some plugins were released last Friday, we didn't post them here. Time for a bumper two week's worth catchup then.

First up is a new transition plugin called Postcard from Fox Mahoney. He keeps cranking them out and this one makes a great transition for anything from a product demo to a holiday video. 


Idustrial Revolution have continued to publish a new free effect every week. New today is an effect plugin called Colour Rays. It takes the built in rays effect in Motion and adds a few extra controls such as the colour of rays and the luminance threshold at which the rays start. 


If you work in broadcast television, then the next plugin will prove invaluable. Broadcast VT Clock is a generator that counts down time before the start of a broadcast television programme. It's an industry standard in many parts of the world and this clock has all the traditional areas to display the programme's information such as duration, part number  and the specifications.


Alex Gollner has been busy and is also keeping up the challenge of publishing a new effect every week.

Random Tile is an effect that selects an area of a clip and then tiles the section over the rest of the image. A good way of making an abstract background or indeed frightening the children. No offence to the subject Matt Davis!



In a moment of unconnected serendipity, Alex has also released a light rays plugin. Light Rays takes the Motion filter and makes the effect available in FCPX. Slightly simpler that the Idustrial Revolution plugin, but great rays never the less.

light rays fcpx


And as a very last entry, (which actually makes the number of free effects up to six) we have Simple Bullets from FCP.co Forum member David Walsh AKA NocoDave. It's a great free way of building up bullet points on screen.




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