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Two new plugins at the start of this week. Tritone Overlays from Tangent FX and Luminaire from SUGARfx. Both are under $30 and both apply lighting effects over video.

Even though it is the traditionally quiet time in the industry over summer, plugin companies are still releasing new FCPX effects every week. We have two new packs of plugins from different developers, both are under $30. Could this be the new 'sweet spot' when it comes to plugin pricing?

The first plugin pack is from Tangent FX. Priced at $24, Tritone Overlays adds colour overlays to video. The plugin can give a subtle graduated grade, or be adjusted to give a light leak effect. 

'Three simple colored areas blend into different areas of your image. Each area has independent color control, brightness/color flicker,  and position randomness. Vary the overall blend mode and effect intensity to achieve effects that range anywhere from light leaks, retro color treatments, tinted lenses, glows and more. It’s such a simple concept that goes amazingly far.' 


Luminaire is a $29 set of six plugins from SUGARfx. Each filter effect adds a light effect to video. The effects can be adjusted by on screen controls and there is a comparison bar for a before and after check.

  • Dazzle Rays : Is a shine effect that uses a processed version of the image as a matte, as well as a Circular or Square shape Matte to control how the effect is applied back onto the footage.
  • Glow Matte : Provides a creative way to add glows to your footage depending on the luminance Matte processed from the footage.
  • Highlights : Is a glint generator that uses a matte extracted from the lighter sections of the footage. The highlights can be manipulated using the OSC controls and other parameters.
  • Light Sweep : A sweep of light that animates automatically in the direction that you can select and customize.
  • Matte Sweep : A manual sweep of light that can optionally use a luminance Matte extracted from the footage as a method of application.
  • Twinkle : An animated glint that behaves like intermittent source of lights coming from the brightest parts of the image, thanks to a generated Noise Matte that can be easily manipulated.

Luminaire is available as part of FxFactory, the plugin management system from Noise Industries. There is a watermarked trial available and they have also produced a tutorial video.



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