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coremelt free fisheye fixer

Coremelt has just released an update to the image stabilising plugin Lock & Load. As part of the pack they are offering a free Final Cut Pro X fisheye fixer plugin for GoPro Hero 3 cameras.

We love GoPros. They are the camera of choice for people who like to throw themselves out of planes or off the tops of tall buildings. Those users probably won't be bothered much by the fisheye distortion. If you use a GoPro nearer to land, the bending of vertical & horizontal lines will become much more apparent and will need correcting.

Coremelt has released an update to Lock & Load that includes support for Rolling Shutter Reduction and Lens Distortion (fish eye removal) for the GoPro Hero 3 Cameras. The good news is that the standalone fisheye removal plugin is free, you just have to run the installer.

As you can see from the video, Coremelt has produced the free plugin so that the rolling shutter and stabilisation features of Lock & Load will work correctly.

Don't forget that Coremelt are also offering two free FCPX plugins that correct flat picture styles of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and DSLRs that use flat picture styles.



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