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Free effect friday end july

What is the best thing about a Friday? Not having to work tomorrow? Having a post work drink with colleagues? Or just looking forward to the weekend? No, of course it is our roundup of free effects as it is #freeeffectfriday!

A bumper crop of Free FCPX effects this week again and we will start off with a new transition from Alex4D.

Alex4D Inset Transition is a plugin that animates shutters to transition between clips. The effect has been written as a title so it means that the effect can be placed over anything on the timeline including multiple clips. Lots of different animation options including the direction of shutters, speed (effect length) and background.


Next up is a new effect from Idustrial Revolution. Instead of publishing a free filter effect or transition, this week's offering is text template called Movie Promo 1. When multiple instances of this template are stacked up together, a dramatic movie opening can be built.

Lots of controls for adjusting the text such as font, font size, colour, edge colour, tracking and so on. A very flexible template that will be of use for any intro to a production from a corporate one liner to a multiple paged film opening or punchy promo.



We don't know how Fox Mahoney gets the time, but he keeps cracking out the free effects on a very regular basis.  His new effect is also a text template called Drift Title. Not to be confused with the built-in effect from Apple, this plugin has lines of text moving in opposite directions. 


And last up is another set of great effects from Forum member David Walsh AKA NocoDave.

Hardback simulates the cover of an old leather bound book.

Lower 3rd is a customisable lower third title generator.

Blink Blur is template that blurs the different colours of a title in and out of alignment.


Phew, after all that we do need a drink after work with colleagues!


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