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We have been eagerly awaiting the day when we saw the first person controlling FCPX with hand gestures using Leap Motion. Well that day has arrived, standby for FCPX Minority Report style!

Articles that we publish on using peripherals to control FCPX are always popular, remember Jason Chong and his extended gestures set on a trackpad?

Our friends at Editors Keys have done something very exciting and have shared a sneak peak of their application (which is currently in development) for using FCPX and Leap Motion. Yes handsfree editing with FCPX has arrived!

In the video, Mark Brown shows how the motion of a hand in mid-air can control FCPX and other media editing apps such as Pro Tools. The finished version will have over 50 gestures, we especially like the scrolling via wiggling your finger.

Mark told us that the price of the app will be an amazing low $0.99, but no word yet on availability.

Watch this space and thanks to Mark for sharing the news and the video.





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