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Freeeffectfriday 23rd

The free plugin writers have been busy over the last couple of weeks and have come up with some cracking new free FCPX effects. All new, all free. Plus some free generators that have just sneaked in!

More free effects this week, two free Final Cut Pro X template plugins from Idustrial Revolution and three effects (he has been busy!) from Alex Gollner.

First up is Big Text Drop from Idustrial Revolution which bounces text using gravity on a shiny floor and the layers bounce off each other etc. 

'Apart from having full control over the text lines for adjusting the font, weight, fill and edge colour, there are also colour pickers for the background, the floor colour and the illuminating light colour.'


Next is the second in a series of 'Movie Style' text templates. Movie Promo 2 animates stainless steel themed text in 3D space with an anamorphic lens flare travelling over the text.

'There are many parameters in this plugin that control the flare, flare colour, animation time and of course formattable text. You don't have to stick with the font we have used. Camera control adds perspective to the text's path. Lots of tweaks for lots of creativity.'


Alex Gollner has been busy. Not only has he published three new effects, he's also been spring cleaning his website. I think we are allowed to say Spring at this point in time as the weather in the UK is an exact match.

First effect is a transition called Pull Focus. 

'Pull Focus is a Final Cut Pro X transition that blurs and scales clips, simulating a camera with a shallow depth of field changing focus from a close object to a distant scene.'


Alex's Wide Angle Fix does what it says on the tin and fixes the distortion found when shooting on GoPros or cameras with extreme wide angle lenses. There are companies out there who are charging $30+ for similar products!


Finally from Alex is an effect called Transparent Blur, which as you would imagine blurs a selected part of the FCPX frame. 

'It slides an area from the bottom, top, left or right edge of the screen. The area is a blurred, reduced-contrast version of the clips it overlays. You can choose to brighten or darken the background and control the amount of blurriness.'


Just as we were about to hit the publish button, we noticed that free effect veteran Fox Mahoney had just published the 20 generators that are in Motion but not in FCPX.



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