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Graphic card render problem fcpx

Not all graphics cards play nice with FCPX. One FCP.co reader has been getting bad artifacts when using his Sapphire 7950 Mac Edition GPU. Take a look at the video.

Oliver Holtkamp, Head of Postproduction at  Schnittchen Köln in Germany sent us an email describing the errors he is seeing when using the Sapphire GPU with Final Cut Pro X. He also sent us some videos which we have put together to show the vertical lines which appear during transitions. On our demo video, the effect in real time is followed by the rendered video paused with arrows to show the errors.
He says the problem is making him crazy!


As Oliver says, he needs his effects, he produces a popular rated TV show for a major broadcaster in Germany. The broken vertical lines at a third and two thirds across the picture that appear during transitions make the exporting of a broadcast master impossible.

Sapphire are saying it's not them, Apple have acknowledged the receipt of his information and the plugin companies say the problem lies in the driver for the card. Oliver found this from Neat Video:

"FCP X 10.0.8: there is a known problem in FCP X itself, which may cause FCP X to produce visual artifacts (vertical lines) when running on AMD Radeon HD 7950 while plug-ins of certain type (Neat Video is one of them) are used. The artifacts are produced by FCP X itself and Apple is currently busy trying to make FCP X work correctly with Radeon HD 7950 in such situations."

In defence of Apple, the Sapphire 7950 Mac Edition GPU (Which uses AMD technology) isn't on the list of approved OpenCL capable cards that are qualified for use with FCPX. They also state that they are working on the situation which is good news as it may offer up more GPU choices and hopefully more powerful card options.

So the bottom line has to be stick with the list of approved OpenCL capable cards that Apple publish. We do feel sorry for Oliver however and hope an upcoming update will fix his problem.