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Free effect friday 6th sept

Another week has elapsed and there is another collection of free FCPX effects and templates to download for #freeeffectfriday. Transitions, filter effects and a title, all for zero dollars!

It's been another fortnight since we last posted a #freeeffectfriday, so we have a bit of catching up to do. There are five effects from three plugin developers to download.

First up is a free plugin transition called Panel Slide from Idustrial Revolution. It takes the incoming video or media, splits it up into four panels and then slides them in from the left or right. There is an adjustable drop shadow that adds depth to the effect. 


The second effect called Panel Flip from Idustrial Revolution follows a similar theme animating or flipping panels. This time there are two vertical panels that rotate on the X axis to reveal the incoming video or media.

'There are controls for timing, so both panels can rotate together, one after the other or staggered. There is a rotation direction control for each of the panels and a slider to adjust the acceleration of the twist.' 


Alex Gollner has again been busy writing free effects and Matt Davis has been busy modelling them! His first effect is called Blurred Colour Glass. As you would imagine, this blurs and colourises a selectable rectangle of video.


Effect number two from Alex is called Inside-Outside. It blurs, sharpens and changes the contrast of regions inside and outside of an adjustable mask. Alex describes its usage:

"Inside-Outside is based on an effect I created for myself when I shot some interview footage too soft and didn't want to oversharpen it. Blurring away from the interviewee's face and only slightly sharpening looked like I had focussed properly.

It is especially useful for some DSLRs because their built-in sharpening isn't very good, so the advice is to turn the sharpening off and do it with more control in your NLE."


Lastly is a new title template from Connor Productions called Glare. Not too much info on this one and we hope we have got it right, but it looks like this effect pushes a light source over text. Unlike the other plugin producers here today, you'll have to subscribe to the website to be sent a download link. 


No free plugins post next week as we are off to IBC, but keep an eye on the hashtag #freeeffectfriday on Twitter to see any new effects that get published.


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