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bug wedding plugin

Well who would miss an opportunity to write such a headline? We round up all the recent Final Cut Pro X news that hasn't made it into a published story.

First of all, we came across a bad FCPX bug with some built in and custom transition effects not rendering properly. A plugin vendor passed on to us the news that a customer was indicating that their effects were not performing properly, or at all. An email conversation followed between the two parties trying to track down exactly what was happening. Machine specs and software versions were checked, they all were good and the latest published.

The customer then uploaded a few clips that the effects failed to work on. They worked flawlessly when tried on other machines.

So what was causing the failure of the transitions on the customer's machine? He had installed the Sony PDZK-LT2 1.1.0 XDCAM & XAVC import plugin. Once this was removed, all the problem transition plugins worked perfectly.

So should you want to ingest that 4K footage from the new Sony cameras, be aware you might find this bug when applying transitions in FCPX.

Sony import fcpx problem


Danish plugin producer Skippor has just released a pack of 22 light leaks for FCPX. Whilst some people may roll their eyes, one thing you can't do is knock the price of $15. These are more than just overlays, each leak comes as a plugin with adjustable parameters.


And finally a wedding, but no ordinary wedding. FCP.co friend Michael Kammes emailed a link and details of his rather special wedding video after the great response on this site from his 3D marriage proposal video.

Michael had to go a step further and decided to film the entire event from his point of view. After a lot of testing and evaluating of potential cameras, he ended up filming the wedding with a modified keychain camera attached to his glasses. For more tekkie information on how it was done and a great BTS video, take a look at Michael's blog. Not too sure everything was edited with FCPX, but it does make for a great story.

POV wedding video glasses


We will leave you with an edited highlights video that is already racking up large numbers of hits on YouTube and of course we offer our best wishes to the newly married couple, Michael and Kate Kammes.  It has left us wondering what video will come next!



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