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Cioni fcpx tools

Things are happening in the outside world, outside of the halls here at IBC in Amsterdam. A lot of messages from people about this latest video from Michael Cioni. FCPX comes out as a star.

A big thank you to everybody who sent us the link to Vimeo including Mark Spencer. We have to admit to being a bit preoccupied by IBC and the SuperMeet last night to do out normal trawl through the keywords and sources searching for news. 

On the subject of the SuperMeet, we did attend Larry's presentation of "Is Final Cut Pro X ready for Professional Use?" We won't tell you what he said, but Dan Bérubé has promised us he will let us know as soon as the video is ready for publication.

larry jordan FCPX fcpdotco

Back to the video and Michael Cioni from Light Iron takes us on a tour through the new technologies and innovation in film & TV production. We didn't watch it all as we a bit tight on time, (which we will do on returning from IBC) but it does look interesting and poses some good points. The FCPX section starts later in the video.