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youtube music

YouTube have published 150 tracks online that you can freely download, cut to and then upload back to YouTube. Is this the start of YouTube providing more free assets for the video editor?

Ever had a third party content claim on YouTube? We have and we know how annoying it can be as it locks out the ability to modify certain data on a video and of course immediately puts third party ads in, on and around your freshly edited masterpiece. This can happen even when you have all the commercial rights to use a music track. (We have to thank a great music company for responding to this problem we had recently and immediately whitelisting our channels.)

So what if your video really needs music to bring it to life? You have always been able to add music from a selection of 150,000 tracks to videos after the upload, but this is rather clumsy and blitzes any audio that was on the video in the first place. Now there is another option which we stumbled upon during our copyright troubles.

YouTube have published 150 audio tracks that are free to download, use in an edit and then upload the finished video back to YouTube. All for free. The tracks can be searched by genre or mood for example and get downloaded with one click as an mp3 file. Not a huge library to start off with, but they are actively asking music creators if they would like their tracks to be made available.

We will skip around the thorny problem of musicians not being paid to comment that this is really good news for us video editors. The tracks might stop the arguments with corporate clients who won't pay for music but insist on using it and they also sound perfect for those family or event videos that need a music bed underneath.

So are there any restrictions? Not many.

youtube music 2


We are also pleased to report that the tracks are actually not bad and we can see the ones already on offer being used in a wide variety of productions. Their usage also means that uploaded videos that feature the track are guaranteed not to have a third party content match or copyright claim against them. Very welcome if you are editing a corporate video that needs to be published quickly and it 'has to be there.'

Is this a start of YouTube offering more tools, tracks and clips for the video editor? The Audio Library is one menu in the Creation Tools heading within YouTube. What might be next, a stock library?

YouTube have published some of the tracks with placeholder videos online.




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