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top ten fcpx books 2013

Has a year really passed since we took a look at the top selling Final Cut Pro X books? It has, we are older, greyer and have a new winner as well as some old favourites and a few surprise entries.

Affiliates are are great way to make a small amount of money based on a sale, it also helps keep this site up and running! What is interesting is the Amazon reports give us an insight into what books are selling well. We try to post new books when we come across them, but there does seem to be a solid core of books that are popular.

So, starting off with number one, we run down the best selling FCPX books from links on our site for 2013:


FCPX 1 second edition

We have a new entry that has gone straight into the number one slot! The 2nd Edition of Diana Weynand's Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro X is the clear winner. It's been updated for 10.0.7 and builds on the success of its predecessor which was getting rather out of date.

The Peachpit range of books have always been popular, it's also the official book used in getting certified for FCPX.

Kindle version also available.


2_FCPX_RothermichDown one at number two is Edgar Rothermich's Final Cut Pro- How it Works: A new type of manual - the visual approach.

Edgar has taken a very different method of documenting the functionality of FCPX by using diagrams rather than blocks of text. We haven't taken into account sales linked from Edgar's website which might have propelled this to the top spot. The latest version is bang up to date with 10.0.9. (Until 10.1 eventually comes out!)



1_FCPX_WeynandDown two places to number three is Diana Weynand again with Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro X. This was popular up to the 10.0.7 update when the second version took over. It still put in a good performance however. Maybe it will drop off the charts next year.

Kindle version also available.




craft of the cut fcpxStill at number four is The Craft of the Cut, billed as the Final Cut Pro X Editor's Handbook, this 360 page book by Mark Riley and Marios Chirtou is discounted down from $45 to $27. As the book was published in October 2012, we expected it to do better in 2013.

The book also comes with footage to follow the tutorials and build your own version of a short film.

Kindle version also available.



7_FCPX_Rothermich2Edgar Rothermich's second entry has risen from eight to fifth. A follow up to the second slot, this $30 book Final Cut Pro X: the Details goes into more complex features and operation.

Edgar's books are always popular and we have seen other authors adopting his 'graphic enhanced manual' technique of getting the information over. We are also still amazed a big publishing house hasn't bought him out!



3_FCPX_JordanDown to number six is FCP guru Larry Jordan with the $45, down to $28 book Final Cut Pro X Making the transition.

We don't know if the book has been updated recently to take into account the features Apple have added since its release.

Kindle version also available. 



FCPX 7 hurkman colour correcting

A new entry at number seven and it's not even an FCPX book. It is however a fantastic publication by Alexis Van Hurkman called the Color Correction Handbook. 

Priced at $42, the book covers all aspects of colour correction with techniques that can be used in many NLEs and dedicated colour correction applications like Davinci Resolve.

Kindle version also available.



FCPX Advanced book

Down one place to eight is Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro X Advanced Editing. It can be found online discounted down to $45. Michael Wohl, Alexis Van Hurkman and Mark Spencer are the authors. Not too sure how relevant the book is after all of FCPX's updates.

Kindle version also available. 




focal FCPX book

Down to number 9 is the $20 Focal Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro X. Written by long time FCP guru Rick Young, it's another book that was released near the end of the last year. We expected it to do better in 2013.

The book missed the 10.0.6 & 10.0.7 update so Rick has published a free PDF update online.




FCPX 10 Logic x

Lastly, coming in home at number ten is the third publication from Edgar Rothermich. This time he takes his graphic method of 'How it Works' over to Logic Pro X.

Priced at $45 Edgar says that some of the information in the book isn't even in the official Logic Pro X manual!




So, another year, another list. Some books fell off the radar, but it seems that the Peachpit series and Edgars growing range of manuals are still getting good sales.

We were amused by one book purchased by a visitor to the site. We won't mention the title, but it does throw up some odd Google adds as result of clicking on the link to find out what it was about!

We will visit the list again at the end of 2014, it will be interesting to see if the 10.1 update brings new books or if any old favourites have crashed out. 



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