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Following on from the success of SliceX, CoreMelt has released TrackX for FCPX. Now you can easily attach graphics, name supers or other objects to elements in background footage or replace computer or iPad screens.

TrackX is a set of three new plugins costing $99 from CoreMelt that allow the editor to quickly attach items to objects on video. 

They follow on from CoreMelt's SliceX, a set of masking tools that have proved to be popular as the plugin utilises the Mocha tracking engine which makes the mask follow the movement of the video with just a few clicks. TrackX uses the same engine, but is specifically designed for matching the movement of one layer in FCPX to the background movement of another layer.


Simple Tracker: - instant tracking perfect for quick floating lower thirds or graphics following a person or object.
Track Layer: - advanced tracking with perspective shifts, surface mapping and masking capabilities.
Track Text: - includes a text generator that can track text with perspective and masking capabilities.

Existing SliceX customers can buy TrackX at the discounted price of $49 and there is also a discounted price for new purchases of both plugins of $149.

We think this is another good example of a developer offering professional VFX tools at a great price point for FCPX. We are going to enjoy testing this one out as tracking is one of those effects that is very noticeable if you don't get it absolutely correct. Having good tracking within Final Cut Pro X without having to go to an external motion graphics application will open up many new creative possibilities.

There is a 15 day free trial so you can try TrackX out for yourself.


Track lower thirds and text with Simple Tracker


Screen replacements and signs with Track Layer


Advanced Techniques 



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