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tangent glitcher2

Coming back to the plugin market are Tangent FX with an all new glitch error plugin pack called Glitcher 2. Priced at $19, FCP.co readers can get 15% off with a coupon code.

Glitches, dropouts, static, and compression artefacts are all very popular effects, especially when applied to graphics with an alpha.

Tangent FX has just release Glitcher 2, a follow up to Glitcher. This time rather than use pre-made JPEGS as overlays, the plugins are generated from scratch which gives extra control over the effects.


"Glitcher2 was built from the ground up to be a 100% procedural glitch effect. This allowed us, as designers, to fine tune the design. The goal was to tame the idea of glitching, and make it feel refined and controlled. With 10 different presets, numerous parameters, it's a great addition to any FCP editor's toolkit."

Also included is a random block wipe transition and a bonus effect 'Scanlines'

Glitcher 2 is modestly priced at $19, but FCP.co readers can can lower the price by a further 15% by using the coupon code fcpco15


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