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mburns 4K

MotionVFX has just released a new pack of film strip and light burns for FCPX. Priced at $49 the new pack has been made with 4K elements for those extra pixels.

The problem with editing in 4K is there's extra of everything! If graphic elements are used, then they need to be of a high resolution when editing in the larger timeline.

MotionVFX's new $49 mBurns 2 pack of film strip and burns effects have all be shot and built in 4K.

Szymon from Motion VFX explains:

Why 4K:
I'm not convinced about 4K yet, but I see it's the future. Same thing happened with HD ten years ago until Steve Jobs announced (I think it was 2005) the year of HD. NLEs nor TV channels may not be 4K ready yet, but most important, Final Cut Pro X is. That's why we decided to prepare it as a plugin for FCPX only. Even on my 2011 MacBook Pro, 4K works great. We own a RED One which has native 4K and FCPX handles native R3D files beautifully.
Shot on RED:
Previous stock elements we released before like mFire or mDusts were shot on the same RED One, however this time we took the advantage of that amazing sensor and decided to try full 4K. I think the most interesting thing in this situation is that you can still use it in any other resolution like 2K, HD or SD due to the amazing auto scale possibilities within FCPX.
Why FCPX only:
mBurns2 4K is still based on ProRes 422 files. However, we decided to support FCPX only in this case because of one simple reason: it's the fastest NLE out there and it handles 4K like nothing else. We see the future in what Apple does and we believe in it. Supporting FCPX only in this case means we support what Apple does and we believe that FCPX is the only way to go, it's the future of NLEs.
Good stuff and we couldn't agree more!



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