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fcpworks event 2

We publish the next there videos from the recent FCPWORKS event. Rune Hansen (Azteca case study,) Alex Grossman from Stornext and Daniel Tapie from Softron are all up on the stage.

A couple of weeks ago we published the first three video presentations from the recent FCPWORKS event that was held in Los Angeles. They just released the next three and although rather disappointingly the Apple presentation wasn't recorded, there's lots of information from the three guys.

First up is Daniel Tapie from Softron, the company behind our ingest tool of choice, MovieRecorder. Some interesting info about the birth of AV Foundation in there.


Rune Hansen told the audience more about the Spanish speaking telenovela production company Azteca. You might recognise them from the recent Apple case study.


Finally, Alex Grossman from Stornext talks about open collaborative storage workflow solutions. (Phew that's a bit of a mouthful isn't it?)


Many thanks again to the guys at FCPWORKS for publishing these videos online for us.



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