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A new plugin from Digital Anarchy for removing flicker, X2Pro from Marquis gets an update, as does Library Manager from Arctic Whiteness. We do a quick roundup of FCPX news.

If you have ever had flicker in a timelapse sequence, you'll know it can be hard to get rid of to achieve a perfectly smooth result. Digital Anarchy has released Flicker Free, which as the name suggests removes not only flicker from time-lapse sequences, but many other troublesome variable light situations.

It works by analysing the the footage and then smoothing out the luminance over multiple frames to give the video a constant brightness.

"We're extremely excited about Flicker Free."said Jim Tierney, President of Digital Anarchy. "We've already seen it used on some high profile broadcasts to deal with flicker problems from slow motion cameras, as well as LED lights. I think users will be pretty impressed when they see how effective it is on their footage."

Flicker Free fixes problems on many types of  video footage:

- Time lapse suffers from variation in exposures
- Archival footage flickers because of old cameras or lights
- Slow Motion (or High Speed) Video can be affected by the flickering of electric lights
- LED lights, TVs, and computer monitors cause flickering when out of sync with the camera

The plugin (which will also work in After Effects, Premiere Pro, FCP7 as well as FCPX) is normally priced at $149, but is reduced down to $99 until March 31st.


X2Pro needs no introduction, it's the best way to get audio from Final Cut Pro X into DAWs such as Pro Tools for sweetening. A new updated version is now available.

X2Pro update

“The latest version of X2Pro now supports OS X 10.9 Mavericks and FCP X 10.1,” confirms Simon Fearn, product manager, Marquis Broadcast. “In addition we have removed the need for user to define media locations and made further improvements to memory usage.”

X2Pro Version 2.2 is only available on the Mac App Store at £99.99/$149.99. X2ProLE is a lower cost version for those who do not need audio files referenced, media trimmed, or close control of the conversion of Roles.

One thing that again sparked our interest here was the ability of X2Pro to trim media. If they could only do that with video, then they would have a killer application for media managing. We will suggest it to them again!


library manager 1 5

Finally, the guys at Arctic Whiteness have been very busy since the launch of their application Library Manager. Not only has this application been amazing successful, the developers have taken onboard a lot of the feedback since it was first available and have now released version 1.5. Although the price has gone up to just under $10, it is still a 'no brainer' for anybody who uses FCPX.

We are super pleased that they took us up on our idea of cataloging libraries on disks that are not currently attached. 

Here are the new features:

  • FCLM now memorises the libraries that it’s seen so that it can list them even if they are currently offline or absent. This allows users to use FCLM as a cataloging system to keep track of which libraries are on which volume, even when the disks aren’t connected.
  • Individual folders can now be added to the list of sources on the left by dragging or clicking the + button. This will be particularly useful to those working in a group environment who wish to see only the libraries in their own directory on an XSAN, for example.
  • Sources that are not indexed by Spotlight can now be manually scanned for libraries.
  • The sources on the left can now be sorted manually or removed from the list.
  • It’s now possible to clean Shared Media files and Optical Flow (Stablization) data files. These columns can be displayed via the View Menu if required.
  • FCLM can now display and edit the Finder Comments for each library (the same comments that can be seen when choosing “Get Info” in the Finder).
  • Full screen mode is now supported.

There are also some minor tweaks:

  • The first window that the user sees is no longer in French on an English system (oops!)
  • Option to show a Source in the Finder (via the context menu)
  • Option to force a manual re-scan of an Spotlight indexed volume.
  • Sources can now be unmounted directly from FCLM (via the context menu)
  • Command-clicking the source checkboxes will check/uncheck all the sources at once (like in iCal etc.)
  • An extra alert is given when deleting Optimized media files to warn the user that these files are slow to recreate and are thus best deleted at the end of the project.
  • An extra alert is given when deleting Optical Flow files to warn the user that these are slow to recreate.
  • A display issue when the system was set up to ‘always display scrollbars’ has been fixed.
  • Visual feedback is now given when dragging folders or libraries to the FCLM window.
  • When deleting the Render files waveforms and thumbnails are no longer deleted. These are small files, however they are slow to recreate, so this improves the experience when reopening the project in Final Cut.
  • FCLM used to display some older backup libraries. This has been fixed.
  • Various performance enhancements and bug fixes.

If you haven't seen Library Manager before, take a look at their mini tutorial.



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