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Continuing with our videos series from NAB 2104, Jim Tierney demonstrates Digital Anarchy's new flicker removal plugin running in Final Cut Pro X.

One plugin request that we see often on our Forums is one for removing flicker, normally for time-lapse work. As this is a temporal plugin, it's not something that can easily be constructed in Motion and published to FCPX.

Jim has recognised this and the new $149 plugin called Flicker Free solves flickering on not only timelapses, but other footage such as video with rolling bands. 

Please note, as it has caused confusion with a few people. Although the plugin is called Flicker Free, it's not free. The name is meant to indicate that it removes flicker!

Want to see if it works on your footage? There is a free trial of Flicker Free, which is free. 

 "We're extremely excited about Flicker Free."said Jim Tierney, President of Digital Anarchy."We've already seen it used on some high profile broadcasts to deal with flicker problems from slow motion cameras, as well as LED lights. I think users will be pretty impressed when they see how effective it is on their footage."

Flicker Free fixes problems on many types of  video footage:

- Time lapse suffers from variation in exposures
- Archival footage flickers because of old cameras or lights
- Slow Motion (or High Speed) Video can be affected by the flickering of electric lights
- LED lights, TVs, and computer monitors cause flickering when out of sync with the camera

The plugin will also work in After Effects, Premiere Pro, FCP7 as well as FCPX.



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