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We have had lots of comments on our forums from people wanting to know what exactly were the new announcements from Coremelt at NAB 2014. Good job we had our guys on the NAB show floor to ask Roger for the latest news.

Slice X and Track X from Coremelt are two very clever plugins. They both utilise the Mocha planar tracking engine which can be found in other products ten times the price.

So with a big buildup, what was the big news from Coremelt about the products?

Roger announced new features for both Slice X and Track X that will included within an upgrade in six weeks. If you buy either plugin now, you'll get the upgrade free.

The first new feature is the ability to copy and paste the tracking data between instances of the plugin. This will save time by not having to re-track each time on the same shot.

The second new feature is the ability to massage the data so that the media that is inserted can be moved around in 3D space. Slightly awkward to explain, but Roger does a good job on the video.

We look forward to the new versions of both plugins!




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