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AJA cion IBC2104

One thing about attending trade shows is the excellent one-on-one time you can get with people who can answer your questions. AJA's Bryce Button gave us the AJA news for FCPX.

We attended the AJA Press Briefing offsite, but also had a chance to sit down with Bryce and discus how the new products and updates affect FCPX.

The CION is a lovely looking, well built camera and AJA has just published this ungraded video demo to Vimeo.  


"The UltraHD 23.98 fps normal speed shots were acquired in camera as ProRes 4444; the slow motion shots were acquired as ProRes 422 with the camera operating at 59.94fps and files saved in-camera as 23.98fps.

Every shot is presented exactly as it was photographed; no exposure adjustments, color correction or image manipulation of any form took place in post-production. The studio shots were captured using three point lighting utilizing both the supplied PL lens mount as well as a third party EF lens mount. With the exception of the umbrella shot, which utilised a single 1K light, the remaining shots were captured with available light.

CION’s white balance values were specifically selected to match the needs of the scene and, in certain cases, auto white balance was also utilized. CION’s in-camera color correction modes were also employed during the shoot. In the scenarios presented, ‘Skin Tones’ and ‘Normal’ settings were selected throughout the filming.

The version you are watching here is the 1080p downconversion of the UltraHD ProRes 4444 master file."

So the ProRes files from a CION will import directly into FCPX as you would expect, but what about the AJA RAW? Bryce confirmed that these CinemaDNG files will be able to be imported into FCPX soon. It is more of a problem with the image sequence rather than the file type. 

If you need to use the CION's RAW files now with FCPX (the camera's launch is imminent  -they had hoped to have it out for IBC) then you can use the AJA app CamXchange to help. 

Kona4 IBC

Whilst the big PR splash about the Kona 4 is for Windows 7/8 and Creative Cloud, the board will be supported by OS X, but only after Yosemite has been released.

Why use a $1,995 Kona 4K rather than an Io 4K?  The Kona 4 is a more powerful card and supports high frame rates better such as 50/60p in 4K. You will have to supply your own enclosure for it to work with a new Mac Pro.

Should you end up choosing the AJA Io 4K, you will now find a $150 discount voucher for Corning Optical Thunderbolt cables in the box.

Finally the third item of interest is the $695 LUT-Box. This product in their mini converter range applies a custom LUT to the signal that passes through. If you are working with footage that FCPX does not display correctly with a built in LUT, by using this converter after the output (such as an Io 4k) the footage will look correct when the relevant LUT has been loaded.

At IBC the LUT-box had a free upgrade that allows a 1D LUT to be applied before the 3D LUT. Not entirely sure what that means, but if you are in the business of shooting Log and then grading, we are sure it's a good new feature for you!


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