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JLCooper MCS5 FCPX banner

At first glance we think it just might be. Chunky transport buttons, an optically encoded jog wheel and two banks of assignably keys. We like.

When we caught a glimpse of a couple of screens showing FCPX on the side of Hall 7 at IBC, like a moth to a flame (or a bug) we made a direct line for them.

It was a stand showing JLCooper products, including the new $499 MCS5 which was controlling Final Cut Pro X.


We have worked with JLCooper panels before and they have always been robust, this new model isn't an exception. The five chunky transport buttons and solid jog wheel all sit in a low profile case with a back that rises up to house the buttons and LCD panel. Very comfortable to get your wrist over the edge from the keyboard to operate without putting it in an awkward RSI inducing backward tilt.

 JLCooper MCS5 2 FCPX

On the tilted panel are eight assignable buttons that activate the command corresponding on the LCD panel. The bank buttons swop between two banks of eight. Yes that is the clip name displayed in the middle!

The surface works by communicating with the MC5S software running on the host Mac. There is a default set of commands for Final Cut Pro X and most vendor's pro applications that you can think of.

Should you want to customise the unit, all the FCPX commands that you see in the keyboard assignment menu show up in the application. Up to you what function you want where.

JLCooper MCS5 3 FCPX


We like it and the customisation will bring some of the deeper FCPX operations to only a push button away. The jog wheel won't click into a shuttle transport, but the back and forward keys do the same as the J and L on the keyboard - a second press increases the speed.

The unit can be bought online if you live in the States or ordered from the European distributor.



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