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UPDATED the MXF plugin is now available for $99.

What on earth are 'meta graphics?' Well, up until this morning we didn't know about them either! A new demo video from IBC will explain...

We visited the Vizrt stand at IBC last week and had a good chat with Oscar Tengwall about the new plugin that will allow the reading of MXF files directly in FCPX.

He did mention the plugin that puts a placeholder into FCPX which is very similar to the plugin that they wrote a few years ago for Final Cut Pro 7. What we didn't realise is that this new plugin supports 'meta-graphics.'

Meta-Graphics are placeholders for Viz graphics that show on the output of FCPX, but don't get rendered on the final export.

So why would you want to do that? If you are working in a newsroom, then the graphics can be put on when the clip gets played to air. This means that the same cut story can have the same information on the graphic, but different styles can be broadcast without having to render out another movie. An example might be a story gets aired on the 5pm news with a blue theme and then again on the 10pm news with a red theme to match the programme look.

This is again an example of FCPX being incorporated into larger broadcast workflows, this time with a newsroom computer system such as iNEWS. All slightly ironic as it is owned by Avid!

We expect some more large broadcast names to announce their adoption of FCPX in the near future as all this technology must be being developed for a reason.

Here's Oscar with a quick rundown of the MXF plugin and the Viz NLE plugin.

UPDATE The MXF plugin is now available for purchase for $99 from the Nablet website.



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