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mike matzdorf feature fcpx

At the recent Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group, Mike Matzdorff presented his experiences of being an assistant editor on a major Hollywood film post produced on Final Cut Pro X.

It is no secret that a major Hollywood film has been successfully cut on Final Cut Pro X. A quick Google and you'll find the title, the actors and also Mike listed as the assistant editor. Why the secrecy? The studio has put everyone under NDA which means that they cannot show any material from the film or talk about the plot, cast or give away any other information about the project.

What they can do is talk about the mechanics and in this video from the recent LACPUG, that's exactly what Mike does.

Mike goes into depth about how the film editing was setup with projects & libraries and how these were transferred to other workstations and third parties. He also touches on how the use of FCPX enabled the script to be broken down into searchable keywords per line, per scene. He follows up with a quick Q&A session with the audience.

A great insight into the world of feature editing in Hollywood and we hope to find out many more details from the film editing process as we get closer to the release date.

If you would like to hear more from Mike, he was featured on a recent episode of the FCPX Grill podcast talking about the film.



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