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motionvfx update oct

Two pieces of news from MotionVFX. The first is an update to mObject that gives new functionality and a large speed bump, the second is a new plugin that reproduces organic chromatic aberrations.

First of all, let us start with the update of MotionVFX's mObject to version 1.2. If you haven't seen mObject before, it is a $149 plugin that runs in Motion that enables the importing and construction of true 3D models that can be positioned, rotated and lit in 3D space.

Szymon from MotionVFX tells us more:

"mObject 1.2 is our continuation of the development of our revolutionary 3D plugin for Apple Motion 5 and Final Cut Pro X.

After the 1.1 release which came out last month, we've decided to push it even harder. 1.1 brought lots of changes and improvements not only to the UI, but to the Motion 5 workflow as well. Ambient Occlusion, Soft Shadows, super fast text extrusion and speed improvements were the main features that we introduced.

1.2 brings FxPlug3 and Yosemite support, speed improvements and real DropZone support in Motion. Now, you can run over 1 milion polygons scene in real time (which is 5 x faster than previous version) and use regular DropZones the way you do normally in Motion. DropZones have been improved to work 15x faster and you can use either footage or whole Motion groups.

In the upcoming version we will introduce super advanced extrusion with presets, styles etc. and later.... I can only say that particle system is on the horizon :)

One of the features we would love to achieve one day is to have mObject built in Motion, so if you want to help, drop Apple an email asking for making mObject part of their software."


MotionVFX has also just launched a new $15 plugin called mAberrratic. 


Szymon very kindly explains the details on his newest plugin.

"mAberratic is a unique FCPX and Motion 5 filter allowing the simulation of chromatic aberration. It's an effect created by a lens that does not focus all hues to the common convergence point and it occurs as streaks of colors along boundaries that separate dark and bright parts of the image. mAberratic is a long awaited tool for making your shot look professional and organic. It creates a subtle channel asynchrony that will enrich your footage and give it a more natural look."

There is also a quick tutorial video on mAberratic



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