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fxfactory 20percent sale

There are some plugin companies who have a sale every day of the year. There are others who have only one. Noise Industries is the latter. They are offering 20% off every FxFactory product for two days only.

A two day Halloween sale from Noise Industries on all Fxfactory based plugin products. They don't do sales very often, in fact we think they only have one store wide sale a year, so worth a visit if you want to pick up a few plugins at a discount.

Noise Industries were one of the first plugin companies to harness the power of the GPU for quick rendering of plugins back in 2006. How things have changed. Now the GPU gets mentioned in nearly every press release about plugins and we shouldn't forget that FCPX gets its power from the graphics card/s as well.

They started off with the collection of plugins called FxFactory Pro. They were all written using Quartz Composer (which seems to have had a stay of execution from Apple) so they could run in FCP7 and Motion and then at a later date support for After Effects and then Premiere Pro was added. 

Then at the Christmas after Final Cut Pro X's launch, they announced that FxFactory, the plugin management system would support plugins built in Motion for FCPX. This caused the plugin market to quickly expand and they now represent the largest collection of plugin developers out there.

So a 20% off sale until October 31st 10 AM EST, but don't forget that they also have a great range of free plugins for you to download.

They have just published a new tutorial on the free Pan and Zoom effect working in FCPX. Although there might be some overlap with the built-in Ken Burns move, we really like the rotation on pictures that is available and the transition that comes with the effect. Worth checking out as some very classy moves can be built quickly and easily.




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