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virtual FCPUG Nov

We replay the 11th of November edition of the Virtual Final Cut Pro X User Group. Five guys talking about FCPX for two hours. Tips, tricks and advice all wrapped up with a touch of humour. Grab a large coffee (or two) and enjoy.

The 11th of November, Veterans or Remembrance Day, but also the date of the 4th Virtual Final Cut Pro X User Group. Retimed to 1pm PST so that people in Europe can watch in the evening, it lasted for about two hours.

You will find the five regulars taking part: Alex Lindsay, Steve Martin, Mark Spencer, Sam Mestman and Mike Matzdorff. 


Pixel Corps has removed the original recording only to post a truncated version. The lip sync looks well dodgy this end, slightly ironic as they go into great detail about syncing up things in the actual chat! The link to the interactive page does not work either now.

Two ways of watching the replay. Either watch the embedded YouTube video below as we have cut off the front hour of a slate that was on before the show kicked off. Or watch it here where you will be able to see the questions asked and voted on by the viewers. Just shuttle past the slate.

It is true you learn something everyday and embedding a YouTube video at a specific timecode was our lesson this morning. Google is a wonderful thing!

 Enjoy the discussion, we did.




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