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Red giant universe 1 3

We were slightly sceptical when Red Giant announced their ever growing pack of plugins called Universe. Well, it's just had a thumping update with a lot of new effects and is beginning to look like a good cross-platform plugin collection.

It is billed as 'The fastest growing visual effects environment' for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Sony Vegas and DaVinci Resolve. A lot to live up to, but it looks like Red Giant are keeping up their promise of constant development and additions.

The update brings Universe up to version 1.3 with the addition of thirteen new tools and the support of Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve.



“The Universe 1.3 update is full of some truly awesome stuff, including tools from CrumplePop, which were never before available outside of Final Cut. This update also features the all-new, highly realistic VHS effect, and support for a new host app: DaVinci Resolve,” states Aharon Rabinowitz, Red Giant’s head of marketing. “Resolve users have been asking us to bring tools like Knoll Light Factory EZ, Holomatrix and Retrograde into their app of choice, and today we’re excited to make that happen.”

Interesting that more of CrumplePop's tools are being included in the package. This could be a smart move from just supporting FCP & Motion to embracing the other popular NLEs out there.

New Free Tools:

  • CrumplePop Photo 2: Give footage the look of a classic or instant photo. Includes tools for color treatments, vignettes, camera blur and more.
  • CrumplePop Noir Moderne Light: Create dramatic noir lighting effects with saturation controls, optically captured vignettes, flickering, Venetian patterns and more.
  • PixelGlow EZ (voted on in Universe Labs): An effect that isolates the brightest pixels and applies a glow in a variety of preset shapes to mimic halos, sparkles and shimmers.
  • 3D Venetian Transition: A transition that divides the layer into vertically rotating sections, while simultaneously revealing a second layer of footage.
  • Fill Alpha: A simple utility effect that floods an alpha channel with a color, with variable blending with the original; includes a unique, highly requested blending parameter.
  • Sobel Edges: A useful “find edges” stylize effect with variable blending, using the Sobel gradient method to highlight footage edges.

New Premium Tools

  • CrumplePop Fisheye Fixer: An effect designed specially for GoPro® to correct GoPro fisheye lens distortion.
  • CrumplePop ShrinkRay: A fast and easy way to make big things look tiny by simulating a tilt shift effect.
  • CrumplePop Finisher: Use this effect to easily and dramatically improve the image quality of DSLR footage.
  • CrumplePop Overlight: A lens flare and light leak texture plugin that makes it easy to apply washed-out glows and lens flares to footage.
  • CrumplePop Grain 16: Using real 16mm film grain, add this effect to footage for the beautiful texture of authentic film.
  • VHS: Gives modern footage the classic look, color and distortion of old videotape.
  • Chromatic Aberration: A simulated lens distortion effect that mimics real-world lens aberration, in which there is a failure of a lens to focus all colors to the same convergence point; includes color splitting, lens distortion, blurs and lens textures for added realism.


• Basic Membership: Free
• Premium Monthly: $10
• Premium Yearly: $99
• Premium Lifetime: $399

Go to the Red Giant Universe webpage for more information and the links to download Universe so you can try it out for yourself. Lots of free plugins in the package for you to keep.


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