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Two new sets of plugins from MotionVFX. One click movie look colour grading with mLUT and many creative animation options with mCharacter 2.

LUTs or lookup tables seem to be the colour grading flavour du jour. MotionVFX has released mLUTS, a $49 pack of grades based on familiar movie colour palettes. The good news is that they work with many other NLEs and compositing software, not just FCPX.


Szymon from MotionVFX explains:

Look-up tables are widely used by professionals in biggest cinematic productions. These matrixes of data provide a way to grade your footage in a very precise way without loosing the fluency of the workflow at the same time.

We created this set of 30 LUTs inspired by the most famous movies to take your grading to a higher level. By using our mLUT you can now give a truly cinematic colorization to your shots and make them look just as awesome as the grandest motion pictures. We picked the films that were known for their perfect grading and created a product that will let you put some life in your flat shots within a few clicks.

Our mLUTs are very flexible and universal, they will work in any software supporting look-up tables. You can use them with footage from any camera, the gradings will still look amazing and you can customize and adjust them with ease. If you always wanted something more in grading of your footage, mLUT is the answer. 

They have produced a tutorial on mLUTS.


The next new product is a second pack of cartoon people that can be animated on their own or in groups, with and without the supplied backgrounds. mCharacter 2 is priced at $49 and contains 20 different looking cartoon characters.


Szymon tells us about mCharacter 2:

You guys welcomed mCharacter plugin with excitement and appreciation, which made us really happy. It opened a whole new range of possibilities and facilitated the creative process of our clients.

But we wanted to give you even more, and we will not rest until you have it! That’s why we created a big extension for the mCharacter pack! It includes 20 new characters, 10 backgrounds and 10 emoticons to use in your projects.

You can now add a visualization of certain emotions and moods to your protagonists, mix characters and backgrounds from both packs and build even more complex scenes. As usual we did our best to make everything work even faster and error-free, to give you working comfort everyone deserves.

We hope this cool group of fully customizable, diverse, pre-animated, cartoon personages with a bunch of extra stuff will let you shape some marvellous projects, animations, ads, promos and anything you have in mind with ease. We present to you mCharacter 2!


Checkout the tutorial video, we didn't know that you could use a picture of a real person's head to go on top of a cartoon body.


Worth noting that the characters will also work in Motion too.




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