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An update of Final Cut Library Manager to version 2.60. Bugs fixed, Yosemite compatibility and great new killer feature!

We have followed the development of FCLM right from version 1. The two man team update the application at an incredible pace and they've just released version 2.60.

Final Cut Library Manager is a very useful $12 standalone application that displays all libraries, finds media and allows tasks to be completed on those files. An example would be to reclaim unused disk space by deleting render and cache files. This update is free for existing customers.

 The new updates brings the following improvements:

  • The 'cleaning' icon has been replaced by a button that reveals a menu of possible actions for that element. This new flexibility opens up the user interface for future expansion.
  • Once such new feature is the option to save a library as a model - a feature that's been requested by many users. You can thus, for example, create model libraries set up with keywords, folders, etc. and then easily create new libraries from those models.
  • The design has been adapted for Yosemite.
  • A few bugs have been addressed.

Being able to save a 'pre-formatted' Library is huge news. Imagine being able to make a new library with all your Smart Collections such as projects, stills and audio all programmed and ready to go. It could also bring a uniform way of organising libraries if you work in a group with shared storage and/or a collaborative workflow.

Arctic Whiteness are also on the lookout for users who would like to help make tutorials for them. No money involved, but you will be supporting a very couple of busy guys who could then concentrate on the application. 



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