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The development of Clip Exporter continues. The tool for extracting used sections of clips in Final Cut Pro X has got an update and some new features accompany the publishing of a second version.

If there is one thing that FCPX cannot be touched on, that's the enormous ecosystem that has developed to support the application. One of the developers in that group, Thomas Szabo has just updated Clip Exporter.

Clip Exporter is a $109 standalone application that reads FCPXML and allows trimmed media (so you don't have to use the whole clip) to be sent to After Effects or Nuke automatically, or simply just used as shortened quicktime files.

If you haven't come across Clip Exporter before, we suggest you read this page which has a lot of information and some great videos that show what the application can do.

Back to the update and 2.0.3 is really a bug fix for the Mac App Store version, but the new functionality has been added to a non MAS version. This gets authorised through the MAS so you have to have the paid version installed.

Features added:

  • added support for the export of MXF files (requires Pro Video Formats 2.0)
  • (re-)adding support for Quicktime Reference movies
  • adds full RED file support. In contrast to the MAS version, RED clips that consist of multiple r3d files can be exported now.
  • adds option to use the legacy video exporter from version 1. In some rare cases AVFoundation fails to export drop frame ProRes source videos. In that case use the legacy exporter.

 Thomas told us why there are two versions:

"I've added back the good old QTKit to the non MAS version, which was used in ClipExporter 1. Although it´s a deprecated framework it´s currently the only way to natively support MXF files and export Quicktime Ref movies in OS X 10.9. For me, it was more important to give my customers these (requested) features and fixes as to wait until Apple officially gives us developers documented APIs, so we can use modern frameworks to accomplish the same task.

Although this might sound strange but the non MAS version is authorized through the App Store. Therefore you must have purchased ClipExporter 2 in the Mac App Store before. The non MAS version can be obtained here."


Here are the new video exporter options for the non-MAS version of Clip Exporter.


We have said it before and we will say it again, this is so close to becoming a tool for 'old style FCP7' media management. With media arriving on cards, the extraction of segments from files isn't needed for many editors. For those who work with long files, we wish that Apple would add this feature.

Maybe Thomas might beat them to it!!!