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resolve 11 Jan update

With all the news about hyperlapses last week, we overlooked the update of Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve to 11.1.4. Some new interoperability in there for us FCPX editors.

We have to thank FCP.co reader Eric Jun Silva for attracting our attention to the update badge on the Mac App Store icon in our dock.

On the 14th January, Blackmagic Design updated DaVinci Resolve Lite to 11.1.4. (On a side note, we came across this third party application called Resolve Collect that copies source files used in a Resolve project to a single location. Which makes us want file trimming in FCPX media management even more!)

Along with new features, general enhancements and bug fixes in this free colour grading and editing application, some new interoperability with Final Cut Pro X was added. 

We will let you wade through the other new features, here are the improvements for working with FCPX:


• Improved support for FCP X exported compound clips including multi-cam and sync clips
• Native mixed frame rate support for compound clips
• Bezier support for imported FCP X speed changes
• Support for FCP X Import retime selection e.g. frame blending, optical flow

 Please let us know in the comments below if you have found any problems with the latest update.