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Coremelt's Lock and Load has just got a big update. Faster stabilisation with FxPlug3 and compatibility with 4K footage from different cameras.

Are you looking for better results stabilising footage than the internal stabiliser in Final Cut Pro X gives you? Coremelt has just updated their popular $99 Lock and Load stabilisation plugin. This is a free update for existing customers and there's a free trial should you want to try the plugin out before purchase.

New features include faster analysis, up to a 30% gain on the previous version and now three times faster than the FCPX built in stabiliser. 

As 4K production becomes more popular, the plugin has been optimised for 4K in FCPX and will use both GPUs on a new Mac Pro. There are also rolling shutter presets for many of the new crop of cameras from Sony, Canon, Blackmagic and even the humble iPhones and iPads.

Roger Bolton from Coremelt very kindly told us more:

"This release is just the start, additional new cameras will be added to the Rolling Shutter settings for Lock and Load in the near future including a big name of a particular hue (ahem).....  CoreMelt has a long track record of releasing free updates for their plugins.

With Lock and Load, if you bought it back in the FCP 7 days you got the FCP X version for free and are still getting free updates. Look for us to add more power to our stabilizer soon. We already think it's by far the best stabilizer for FCP X and we intend to make sure it stays that way."