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Final Cut Library Manager 1 year FCPX

The very clever application Final Cut Library Manager is a year old today, Wednesday 4th March 2015. To celebrate, Arctic Whiteness are offering 25% off the already inexpensive companion app for Final Cut Pro X.

It has been very interesting to see the development of FCLM over the year. The guys at Arctic Whiteness have been playing catchup with the FCPX updates and the application has certainly matured through different versions in just 365 days.

To celebrate FCLM's first birthday, Acric Whiteness are offering 25% off the normal price, bringing it down to 7.50 Euros. This is for one day only, Wednesday 4th March 2015.

Tim Armes from Arctic Whiteness very kindly took us on a trip through an eventful year, he also put together this short video which shows the evolution of the GUI:


Tim Armes: On 4st March 2014 Arctic Whiteness released Final Cut Library Manager (FCLM) 1.0, focussing primary on on reclaiming disk space by deleting render files and other working files that can be regenerated by FCP when required. It’s elegant user interface was received with considerable enthusiasm and the two-man team were quick to receive many other feature requests.

Just two weeks later, and after many long nights of development, FCLM 1.5 was released and included, among other things, the ability to track both on-line and off-line libraries, better handling of sources and the ability to read and write comments.

Two months later saw the release of version 2.0, bringing the ability to drill down into the libraries’ individual events, search media files and keywords and even track the state of external media files.

Soon after Apple released Final Cut Pro 10.1.2 which offered the options of externalising the caches and of managing external media folders. After carefully examining the implications of these changes Arctic Whiteness concluded that they would have to list the external elements that were used by each library.

A large number of interface designs were drawn up with the aim of finding a solution which would have the lowest impact on the interface’s seductive simplicity. Unfortunately for the team this change would actually force them to rewrite large parts of the code base, taking most of the summer to complete. On the 17th September version 2.5 was finally released. 

At this point development slowed down a little in order to gather feedback from the user base. Nevertheless it didn’t stop, and on the 9th December a new version was made available with a revamped Yosemite-styled interface that also paved the way for future functionality by replacing the  ‘cleaning’ icon with a popup menu that could offer more functions in the future.

One such feature was included immediately by allowing users to create library templates - just one idea from many others offered by users. 

Final Cut Library Manager GUI 1 year FCPX

The 2.67 GUI for Final Cut Library Manger

Following the complex rewrite of version 2.5 user feedback was starting to highlight a frustrating problem encountered by some users, that of a painfully slow startup speed.

By using an online questionnaire and by participating in discussion forums, Arctic Whiteness managed to find a number of willing users who would help them to track down the issue.

It transpired that there were actually a multitude of different causes for this problem, each caused by the different ways in which users of Final Cut Pro X organise their libraries. After weeks of issue tracking (much hair-pulling) a turbo-boosted version 2.66 of FCLM was made available just last week. In some cases the start up time was reduced from over a minute to just 5-6 seconds!


We wish Tim and Vincent all the best for the next year, we know many people who use this app every day.

If you've managed to get to the bottom of this article, we will remind you that the 25% off  is for one day only!



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