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Convert a timecoded 'to do' list into 'to do' markers in Final Cut Pro X with MarkX from Victor Gusev. A handy way to get those notes from the director back into FCPX, this application has a rather cool trick up its sleeve.

A new application from a new developer, Victor Gustev has just released the $49 application called MarkX. 

MarkX converts a 'To-do' list of timecode from simple text into 'To-do' markers on the Final Cut Pro X timeline. This enables a director to review an exported movie of a production, make notes referenced against the elapsed time or timecode and then those notes can be placed back in the right position on a new copy of the FCPX timeline. The editor then gets the joy of going through the fixes one by one!

That all might sound rather basic, but what it does do is attach the timecode referenced markers to the clips that need changing. Which means that they will stay as 'To do' markers wherever the clip is moved to. Ingenious!

 The process looks quite simple:

Paste a To-do list into the MarkX Text field.
Select a path to the Project fcpxml file and click Mark.
MarkX will create a copy of your fcpxml file in the same path and adds markers into it.
Import the new fcpxml file into the Final Cut Pro X.


Victor told us how he came to write MarkX: 


Very often I work remotely. I get footage which I assemble & send a preliminary master via the Internet to the client. The director, will then send me back a list of changes to be made with the relevant timecodes. I’d then go through the timeline and put tags on where changes needed to be made.

Every editor knows that you need to make these changes from the end, because if you change something at the beginning, all the tags that are in the timeline will move and will not coincide with the timecodes from the director. The problem is that switching between the email and Final Cut Pro X & back is not very convenient. Using your phone or iPad is inconvenient too - the screen keeps switching off and you can get distracted all the time.

I thought I could solve this problem by using to-do markers in the timeline index. At first, I made markers manually by cutting and pasting from the director’s email to the storyline. This was of course, a slow and laborious process, but once done everything is very simple - the list of markers is always visible. Make a change, click Finish, the marker changes from red to green. Cool!

You can make changes in any order and not have to worry if something moves, because all the markers are tied to the clips.





However, if you have a lot of changes to make, for example a 50 minute series and 40 edits, how long will it take to place the markers? A long time!

So I had an idea to automate this process - write a program that will automatically convert text with a timecode into to-do markers and embed them in the Final Cut Pro X project.

And so I give you MarkX.





It works very simply: take a list of markers in text form, paste it into the text field of MarkX, then specify a fcpxml project in which you want your markers, and press Mark. Thats it! Now the placing of 40 markers takes a few seconds.
The only thing to remember is that the format of the marker in the text form has to look like: [MM:SS - Comment] or [HH:MM:SS - Comment]

I hope that MarkX makes your work in Final Cut Pro X much better!




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