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april FCPX plugin roundup

Although April is the month full of NAB news, the plugin developers out there have still been pumping out products. We take a look a the new plugins for FCPX. There just might be a coupon code as well!

Tangent FX has released two new products. There's 15% off both if you use the coupon code fcpco15.

The first is LightPath Transitions 02 they are 10 transition elements built for FCPX. 'Light streams and geometric shapes zoom through space, and with a flash of light the clip transitions.' At just $9.95 before the discount, they look pretty good value.


The second set of plugins from Tangent FX are called Flicker Transitions. Priced at $19 they are a set of 10 customisable transitions with different flickering effects, from subtle to chaos!


Next up is a set of plugins called Spectrum from Luca Visual FX. Priced at an introductory $79, they are a pack of light and colour effects. They can be used as backgrounds, overlays or transitions.


The plugins are released through FxFactory which means they come with a tutorial. As they were made with Quartz Composer and not Motion, the plugins will be available in Motion, Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. There's also a free watermarked trial for you to test them out.


Finally, from the MotionVFX stable is a new plugin called mArrows. Nothing to do with growing vegetables on an allotment, this is a pack of animating pointing elements. There is a promotional price of $39 for a limited time. (Down from $49)