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Sam Mestman presents Final Cut Pro 10.2 at the Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group. New features, third party plugins and of course, 3D text.

You got to love a demo when the presenter starts off saying he is flying a little bit blind! At the latest Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group, Sam Mestman from FCPWORKS gave a thirty minute presentation on Final Cut Pro 10.2.

As you would expect, Sam goes into detail about the new 3D text (which gets a round of applause) but he also talks about the other new features and a couple of third party products.

Sam had a busy NAB, If you haven't had time to watch the presentations on FCPX that FCPWORKS put on in Las Vegas, make sure you get yourself a large coffee and watch the demos which include Sam's keynote speech. 

Sam is a really busy guy, he's also taking part in the next live Final Cut Pro X Virtual User Group that is taking place on Friday May 1st 2015.

On another note, sadly no progress with the new projector for the LACPUG meetings. Michael Horton has been doing an amazing job of trying to get the projector hooked up to the main electricity supply, but his efforts seem to be quashed by local authority rules.




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