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Timothy Armes from Arctic Whiteness has been in contact to tell us about the new version of Final Cut Library Manager. Now at version 3, the app is a great way to organise libraries and free up disk space.

We have watched the progress of FCLM since its launch. The popular app lets you look at all your FCPX libraries in one window with their associated optimised, proxy and render files. A lot has changed in version 3, so before we go into the different purchase methods and new features, let's take a look at the new €20 Final Cut Library Manger in action:


The first big change is the way that you can buy FCLM. Timothy explained:

"We wanted to give our users the ability to buy, or not, the new features while still being able to benefit from other improvements and bug fixes. We have therefore decided to change our license system:

Final Cut Library Manager may be downloaded free of charge and includes all the basic features that were previously available in the previous trial version.

Users can buy the “Advanced License”, still at €19.90, which is the equivalent of the previous paid version. Those with existing licenses will be upgraded to this new version for free.

Users may also choose to buy two new options, at €3 each. To thank our existing users we’re even offering them one for free too."


The new features included in the free upgrade to FCLM 3 are:
  • Visualise and filter on libraries that are currently open in FCPX.
  • Filter your libraries by those that have alerts (missing files etc.)
  • A cleaner look and feel.
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Compatibility with FCPX 10.2.3


The new optional extras:
  • Option Duplicate/Move/Delete for copying, moving and deleting your libraries directly within Final Cut Library Manager. This option is offered for free for those who have purchased version 1 or 2.
  • Option Exports for accessing your exported media with a click.



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