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Larry has been one of the most respected trainers and tutorial producers since the times when Final Cut could only manage NTSC DV. He's decided it's time to wrap up his tutorial making and webinar publishing.

We have known for a while that Larry was going to end his long run of making tutorials and webinars for content creators. At one point in FCP7 time, his newsletter was the main source of information and tips. He knew FCP7 inside out and enjoyed answering the many (often tricky) questions that were sent to him on a weekly basis. 

But time moves on. 

It is increasing difficult to make enough money in online ventures. With instant access to anything with a click, original content can be disseminated around the world for nothing. That accessibility questions the product's worth and with the rise of the DIY home tutorial on YouTube and Vimeo, not only does content get copied, it also gets pirated and shared.

During FCP.co's 5 year life, we have seen websites, plugin makers, podcasts and magazines come and go. It is quite alarming how many of our bookmarks now go to a Godaddy landing page. This is the biggest industry shuttering we have seen in that time and it's not just FCPX related as Larry had expanded his training to include Adobe products and more.

With Apple's regular updates, even keeping existing tutorials up to date can be a large task. They have to be super accurate too as there is always somebody who will pull you up on the smallest detail. Good tutorials take a lot of time to make.

Larry does things properly and that costs:

"What we have accomplished is amazing – but, I’m exhausted. Also, while our new state-of-the-art production studio allowed me to create programs and training that I would never have been able to create otherwise, it became a “Bridge Too Far” in that it never generated the revenue we needed to support it. I can no longer afford to keep it."

You can read more of Larry's statement on his company blog.

So what will happen to his tutorials?  He is partnering up with CreativeLIVE and in time, all his training will move over to their site www.creativelive.com

What will Larry do next? We don't know but we wish him well and thank him for the commitment he has put into FCP over all those years. It's also very hard trying to write an article like this without it sounding like an obit. He is still very much alive.

 One thing for sure, he won't be opening up a Los Pollos Hermanos!